You shine with the brilliance and elegance of love,
Flying in the blue sky line like the lovely white dove.
To live without love is a sad and lonely thought,
To give out love is your main ambition sought.
Your image reflecting in the misty morning shadow,
Running with you in spring through the meadow.
Waking and seeing you beside me,
I let the thoughts of love shine over thee.
Love is something you and I share,
Doing, caring, needing, and wanting is only fair.
Making one out of our two soul,
No one can change it, I behold.
Angered moments we both do have,
Only to grow closer and to forgive is love.
Times gets tough, but to my amaze,
Your love is still there in not much of a haze.
As time gets easy, and I sure they will,
Your time will be more useful and your desires to fill.
All I can wish for is for you devotion,
To be with me in all of our emotion.
And with this I will end, I love you my wife,
My wife it's you, my whole loving life.