My Unseen Love

I've heard your voice on the telephone,
I've seen your photograph.
We've talked for hours on the internet,
I've heard your funny laugh.
We've shared our secrets with each other,
And as the days went by,
You became a part of me,
A part that will not die.

You've held me in your sweet embrace,
And I've held you in mine.
We've made love so tenderly,
Our fevered bodies entwined.
Truly, there has never been a love,
As sweet as what we share.
And as long as there is cyberspace,
You know I'm always there.

The miles may keep us from reality,
We may never see each other's face.
But in my heart and soul I know,
No other man can take your place.
We'll lol and brb,
For many years to come.
The instant messaging on the net,
Will be our happy home.

Can't wait to get back to you....