Here I have come to wage war with the tide
but I am swept up in wonder that won't be denied.
I fall from my feet to sit in the sand

to absorb all this splendor that is stunning and grand.
The heavens are afire with crimson and gold.
There can't be more beauty that one can behold.
The surf is caressing like a lover's soft kiss
I am caught up in passion that no one should miss.
The warmth of the sun as it fades from the sky
is gentle and soothing as it bids me goodbye.
My soul takes flight to soar with the breeze
as my heart is filled with such comfort and ease.
No worries or cares could you bring to this place
for it's very majesty is your redeeming grace.
I am so very glad that I came here this day
for I came here to battle but decided to play.

Can you not feel what I am feeling? Come sit next to me.
Let the earth share of itself so that you too are free.