Rough and tumble we have been all throughout the day
so now we stop to rest and take a break from play.
I bit and snapped your ear, you growled for me to quit.
I smacked you with my paw, you really threw a fit.
We wrestled back and forth, you pinned me to the ground.
I threw you off then chased you round and round.
We stalked through the bushes, great hunters of renown
but all you really did was look more like a clown.
We leaped for butterflies but we never caught a one.
It really didn't matter cause we did it all for fun.
You stopped to lick your fur but I wouldn't let you be.
You showed your fangs and gave a hiss but that didn't work on me.
Now the day is winding down we tried to do it all.
We romped and played and stirred it up, we really had a ball.

Now you are my pillow as I lay my head on you.
It's nice to know I have a friend, one who's tried and true.
So now ends another day we will sleep until the dawn
then rise and do it all again until that day is gone.