Mystical Love

When first we met by the waterfall,
there stood between us not a wall.
A hill perhaps with you above ,
and you brought me up with your sweet love.
We walked together through time and space,
You lead me to a most gracious place.
You sent your love on a midnight train,
and I was hesitant of the pain.
I almost lost you from my sight,
My heart put up a terrible fight.
I feel from you and had to flee,
but now my heart draws near to thee.
Magic in the air, our thoughts embrace,
With power that does make our hearts race.
The trance between our hearts seems strong,
Perchance together do we belong.
Could we be lovers from long ago?
And now it's time to melt the snow.
From blazing inferno, that turned to ice,
Look out for the sun, it may bring rice.