It's a combination of two hearts, two bodies,
two souls and two minds. It is knowing that you
would do anything for the person you love, it is a
unity where you pledge your love to God above.
All your fears, troubles, desires now become one,
your life as husband and wife have now begun.

The most important thing that would keep you
together is trust, you no longer think about
yourself, you think about us. You know they
are the one when you can see your future in
their eyes, you believe in your heart together
you can overcome all the pain and any lies.

Without that person your life is not whole, the
love you share is more precious than diamonds,
more precious than gold. You must love that
person through the good and the bad, you must
stand by them even though you may be mad. You
have to show that person that you really care,
you cannot be selfish, you must learn to share.
You have to be there through thick and thin, you must
believe together you will always win. At times things
may be rough but you must stick together, you should
feel that you love would last forever.

It is about understanding what your partner wants
and need, it is not about money,power or greed.
It is a promise to love, honor and cherish your
partner, it is a bond where your love and faith
will bring two hearts together.