Love Affairs

We give our hearts to someone we care,
Our bodies, our souls, everything we share.
Love passages of our desires,
Hopes and dreams may go up in fires.
Yet we go forward and develop our pairs,
Being, doing, wanting and needing,
The love affair will eventually be seeding.
Couples entwined, embracing your soul,
Happiness to the end of time is our goal.
The future is what the present will build,
A life together loving, sharing, will give great yield.
Moments in the present remember for all time,
Etched in memories, our heartbeats climb.
Planning today for all of our future,
Our love affair will grow, giving the right nurture.
We take each love affair as a new beginning,
Putting past relationships behind us, the past ending.
Love affair, life’s sense of rewarding,
The hearts we share, our love demanding.