You complete me

When I first met you, I had given up on love,
But you were sent to me, an angel from above.
You put a constant smile on my face and made me forget the pain,
You knew how to make me laugh, you washed away the rain.
I fell in love with you, almost at first sight,
My thoughts of you were constant, both day and night.
I kept my feelings a secret because I knew you were with her,
But then you told me you liked me, and you would pick me over her.
From then on our love grew, we're approaching two wonderful years,
We've been through so much together, through the happiness and the tears.
I wouldnt give your love up for anything, You are my life, my love, my everything.
Forever we will remain together, in our world of ecstasy,
I love you and I need you, I want you to know that you complete me.