Away from you for more than a day,
Alone without you, what can I say.
Alone and lonely through the night,
Longing to hold your body, oh so tight.
Needing your warmth and loving sensation,
To soothe my soul , my loving emotion.
Alone and lonely and full of dispare,
Loving you as I do, I really do care.
The night is empty, the bed is so cold,
Your body, my love, I long to hold.
Awakened alone without you here,
The water from my eyes, its only a tear.
Itís empty and lonely when I wake,
As I open my eyes, its a dream, its all fake.
But as I realize that all is true,
Youíre not with me, Iím here alone and blue.
I lay here alone and all I can say,
I really need you all night and all day.
Although I am alone now, these past few nights,
Soon together with you I will be, oh what a delight!!!